Resolution of NSW ALP members

December 12, 2009

This meeting of rank-and-file NSW Labor Party members is disgusted and outraged by the actions of the parliamentary caucus and Head Office. Our message of core Labor values has been lost in the dust of caucus battle.

To dump a Premier with the authority to clean up politics in NSW overwhelmingly granted by State Conference shows how far from the membership the Parliamentary Caucus has drifted.

As the rank and file we say enough is enough. We will not sit idly by while the name of our party is besmirched. We had hoped that reform would come from our leadership in Macquarie Street and Sussex Street. However, the events of the past two weeks show that change must come from below and renewal must come from the rank and file.


1. The rank and file has lost faith in the parliamentary leadership of the NSW branch of the party. Our leaders seem more intent on pursuing petty vendettas and personal careers than in putting Labor first. We remind our MPs that the party belongs to all of us; that our MPs are servants of the party, not our masters.


2. The parliamentary wing of the party has acted against the intent of State Conference, our highest decision-making body, which overwhelming gave the Premier the authority to clean up politics in our state and our Party.


3. The newly installed parliamentary leadership must maintain the ban on all developer donations to the Labor Party.


4. SECs and branches should insist their MPs and MLCs explain their actions in electing a new leader.

5. We demand the right to select and deselect our candidates. Rank and file preselection should be the rule and not the exception.

6. Endorsed Labor candidates and elected members must be bound to implement party policy, including opposition to current privatisation, in line with the pledge on our party membership ticket. Any change to policy can only occur after consideration by Annual Conference.

Second motion

That the decision of the National Executive to select candidates for all seats including (but not limited to) Fowler, Greenway, Throsby and Werriwa be reversed and they be selected by rank and file pre-selections.