While Big Brother may be crap television, it isn't up to John Howard, the state or the Christian right to decide what we watch, writes Kelly Boundary.

The alleged sexual harassment episode on Big Brother and the subsequent expulsion of two housemates from Big Brother revealed the imminent danger of Australia becoming a nation of wowsers, while the state continues to kneel to Christian influence.


Caine Grennets reviews the latest work by Palestian film director Rashid Masharawi. Waiting is set around the refugee camps of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

The day after Israel bombed the beach in Gaza, killing three children and seven adults enjoying a family picnic, and wounding forty others on 9 June, the Sydney Film Festival premiered the Palestinian road-movie, “Waiting”.


The 2005 Cronulla riots expose official multicultarism as a broken edifice

While the origins of capital are steeped in blood and empire and racism, it has globalised and changed. It seeks top-down integration of various national and ethnic groups. It wants control of the labour force on a world scale. It seeks to incorporate around the nation-state the various waves of migration that an increasingly globalised capital has dispersed. It seeks, invents, co-opts or adapts to ideology that can achieve that. In Australia, that ideology is official multiculturalism.

A background to the riots, the response of the establishment, and critiques the response of the Marxist left, that continues to tail official (i.e. bourgeois) multicultarist ideology.