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The labour movement needs a lively and controversial approach to debate. Frank and at-times sharp exchanges of views should not be seen as a barrier to unity. On the contrary, only through a thorough and democratic discussion can real and lasting unity be achieved.

The left has a tradition of clamping down on dissent and of presenting a false face of unity to the public. Any debate that is allowed is for the chosen few and the anointed acolyte. Such unity is brittle and shatters at the first serious test. Debate should be held in the open where it does not affect issues of security or of tactical nuance. In such a way, a democratic and open unity is forged.

Labor Tribune accepts contributions from across the labour and progressive movements. Our principle aim in selecting articles for publication is the promotion of debate that leads to informed practice.

While Labor Tribune promotes analysis from a Marxist perspective, we will publish contributions that aid debate across the movement.

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