Anthropologist Chris Knight  explores the role of women in throwing off our pre-human chains, lampoons prudish Marxists and takes Noam Chomsky's "anti-political" science to task.

Chris Knight is a professor of anthropology at the University of East London, and the author of the highly acclaimed and controversial book, Blood Relations: Menstruation and the Origins of Culture, which outlines a new theory of human origins. Chris gives regular talks at the Radical Anthropology Group in Britain, and will also be speaking at the Communist University in London in August. Chris was talking to bloggers Stuart Watkins and Dave Flynn.


Neocolonialism and Fraud

by Larry Lohmann - The Corner House

For much of the left, John Howard's failure to implement the Kyoto protocols is one of his greatest crimes. And while Howard's failure to act on this displays his utter comtempt for the environment, it means that progressives have been cornered into hailing Kyoto as essential in humanity's struggle to cope and manage climate change.

However Kyoto is in fact a big-business con job. Labor Tribune is carrying this article from the Cornerhouse as it strips away the myths inherent in the the Kyoto protocol, exposing it as a market-based swindle that enormously benefits existing polluters, while locking the developing world out of the benefits of industrial development.