Monthly Review - published since May 1949 the review remains an independent and scholarly source of Marxist analysis of events. Now ably edited by John Bellamy Foster a daily webzine is part of the offering.

New Matilda - a small 'L' liberal webzine and policy portal. In their words they "are an independent media voice, delivering accessible, informed comment on significant issues in Australia and abroad." The site leads with a 'Human Rights Act Campaign', but has little focus on the fight for an Australian Republic.

OzLeft - mainly the work of Labor Party Trotskyist and bookseller Bob Gould. Is a good resource for those interested in the inner workings of the DSP/Socialist Alliance. Has a handful of well researched and written historical pieces to distract readers from Bob's ongoing battle with the frankenstein he helped create in the late 1960's.

Weekly Worker - widely read communist newspaper from Britain. Journal of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Campaigns for a non-sectarian Communist Party committed to a revolutionary democratic program.


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