This is a reply to Bob Gould's recent open letter carried on the Ozleft website.

Dear Bob

Thanks for the warm welcome you extend to Labor Tribune. In these bleak times for Marxists, revolutionary socialists, communists and radicals of various stripe, voices of camaraderie are welcome....


Recordings of the Labor Tribune official launch held on 16 May 2006 in Sydney. Four voices from the labour movement discuss the relevance of Marxism in the 21st century

Meredith Burgmann MLC (president NSW upper house), Andrew West (SMH columnist and Fabian), Jack Mundey (environmental campaigner and former BLF NSW secretary) and Marcus Strom (secretary Summer Hill ALP and Labor Tribune editor) discuss the relevance of Marxism in the wake of the federal government's industrial relations legislation.

Voice files (MP3 format) are now available for the introduction and four contributions presented at this forum.


Phil Sanford reports on a May 21 rally in Sydney's west to build for the ACTU day of action on June 28.

The Howard government's anti-union laws will mean a dramatic decline in the standard of living, the secretary of UnionsNSW, John Robertson, told a meeting of more than 100 people in Toongabie in Sydney's west on May 21.


A primer on South Australia's labour movement, by Dan Murphy.

Dan Murphy is a union organiser active in the Your Rights at Work community campaign in Adelaide and a member of the Southern Adelaide Workers Defence Commitee.

Defence not Defiance is the title of the authoritative history of the South Australian labour movement. Written by academic John Wanna in 1981, as the name suggests it contends that historical and cultural factors have determined that the political and industrial wings of the labour movement in this state have tended towards moderation and even conservatism......


Anthropologist Chris Knight  explores the role of women in throwing off our pre-human chains, lampoons prudish Marxists and takes Noam Chomsky's "anti-political" science to task.

Chris Knight is a professor of anthropology at the University of East London, and the author of the highly acclaimed and controversial book, Blood Relations: Menstruation and the Origins of Culture, which outlines a new theory of human origins. Chris gives regular talks at the Radical Anthropology Group in Britain, and will also be speaking at the Communist University in London in August. Chris was talking to bloggers Stuart Watkins and Dave Flynn.


it's not a case of either-or.

Larissa Behrendt argues that a Treaty between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians must be more than window-dressing. She raises a number of important constitutional and political questions that the labour movement must answer.

Larissa is Professor of Law and indigenous studies and director of the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney.


The ALP's three-mine policy is an out-of-date compromise that still lives.

Twenty years after Chernobyl, Labor activists should call for an end to all commercial uranium mining with guaranteed training and jobs for miners.

As Kim Beazley and the Martin Ferguson Labor left 'realists' talk up exanding Australia's uranium exports, Anthony Albanese, federal Labor's environment spokesperson, takes aim at the nuclear industry.

Open letter from OzLeft

Veteran Labor Left Trotskyist Bob Gould has written an open letter to Labor Tribune. In the interest of open debate, we carry the letter on our website.

A reply will be forthcoming. Given Bob's comments perhaps this is a good oppurtunity to break the seal on our comment facilities?


Community pickets help win reinstatement for sacked Finlay Engineering workers

We publish below the Melbourne-based Socialist Party's report of the victory next to the press release of the ACTU. Note the ACTU release says that negotiation won the workers reinstatement, not class struggle. While the Socialist Party grouplet over-eggs its own importance...


Anthony McLaughlin, comments on a Federal ALP member's IR Forum (April 2006) held in Inner-Western Sydney.

Anthony Albanese, the federal member for the unhappiest electorate in Australia, Grayndler, presented the "Future of Industrial Relations" forum on Wednesday April 12 to a crowd of more than 200 ALP and politically curious residents at Leichhardt town hall, Sydney.

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