A farewell to class

Marcus Strom reviews:
Beyond Right and Left: new politics and the culture wars
by David McKnight (Allen & Unwin, $24.95)

The path from erstwhile Marxist to academic apologist for the system of capital is a well-worn one. Most who have travelled this path have drifted into obscurity. Not so David McKnight. He remains an advocate for social change, albeit with a twist.


1/30/2008 8:02:41 PM

Without defending McKnight, this is an extremely bad review-article of his work.  It is marginally improved by removal of the worst excesses, which you have uploaded (with poison comments) elsewhere.

However in general terms you are right to note that McKnight's journey is hardly original.  You also appear to be aware that under capitalism the extraction of surplus is accomplished through economic means.

However it is not acceptable to confusedly combine Eurocommunism as a idealised mirror of Stalinism.  This is childish.

Your cartoon-view of the Greens is wine bar Leftism.  And your implied characterisation of societies as built on anti-human nostrums was obscene.

Your proposed "conviction politics based in the struggle for liberty of labour" is Owenite porridge.  Marxism is not based on "hope for a better world" and does not "base dreams within material reality".

Your apparant view of the market contradicts your politics unless you want to stand for a regulated market.

While Marx may have laughed at McKnight, he would have asked us to all laugh at this attempted review. 








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