Marxism or diplomatic internationalism

Labor Tribune Editor, Marcus Strom, originally produced his review of David McNight's Beyond Right and Left for the reborn Australian Marxist Review (AMR)

The AMR is produced by the Communist Party of Australia as something of a theoretical journal. At least it encourages "Ideas, Theory, Policies, Experience, [and] Discussion" and "welcomes articles from readers and contributions to AMR Dialogue"


1/30/2008 7:36:40 PM

I have compared the so-called "Offending Comments" to your text, and it appears that these edits do not represent;

"Why the politics of the CPA offers nothing of interest to the working class...."

The edits do not represent any "rejection of democracy".

In fact your comments appear to pander to bourgois stereotypes and elements of psy-war against Marxism.

Statements such as "Most of what parades as Marxism today is a sick parody of the methodology of historical materialism" is undergraduate tosh, and offensive to many.

The New Left and Eurocommunism was never the idealised mirror of Stalin ism.  This is CIA talk.

Combining Stalinism and Eurocommunism is ignorant and childish - a provocation.

"Determinist Marxism" is a bourgeois tag, loved by provocateurs.

There is no 'knuckleheaded determinism in 'official Marxism' (sic) of the 20th century.

The history of society is based on technical progress and class struggle.

The petty-bourgeois element in the Greens should not be exaggerated as this is based only on temporary economic conditions (in historical forms).

Your implication that some societies were based on anti-human nostrums, is a foul thought, more suitable for Quadrant than anywhere else.

Unfortunately your review demonstrates politics and confused rhetoris as bad (or worse) than David McKnight. 












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