Managing capital: a preview of NSW ALP conference

This is the weekend (10-11 June 2006) of the NSW ALP conference. In the run up to state conference, Marcus Strom, provides a preview and Labor Tribune's commentary on what is up for discussion

With a state election nine months away it is no surprise that the heavies in Sussex Street are attempting to avoid controversy at the NSW ALP's state conference on June 10-11. A look at the conference order papers shows that while there is gratitude towards the former triumvirate of Carr-Egan-Refshauge, NSW general secretary Mark Arbib is clearly trying to show that NSW under Morris Iemma and Michael Costa have a new team in charge.

This was the tenet of the recent state budget and it is reflected in the conference slogan: "Getting NSW Moving". Does this mean that NSW has been going nowhere?


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