Marxist audio - Labor Tribune official launch

held on 16 May 2006 in Sydney


four voices from the labour movement discuss the relevance of Marxism in the 21st century


Voice files (MP3 format) are now available below for the introduction and four contributions presented at this forum.

Labor Tribune - Sydney forum audience Labor Tribune - picture of Meredith Burgmann MLC at our May 2006 forum (Marxist audio page) Labor Tribune - picture of Andrew West at our May 2006 forum (Marxist audio page) Labor Tribune - picture of Jack Mundey at our May 2006 forum (Marxist audio page) Labor Tribune - picture of Marcus Strom at our May 2006 forum (Marxist audio page)

Meredith Burgmann MLC (president NSW upper house), Andrew West (SMH columnist and Fabian), Jack Mundey (environmental campaigner and former BLF NSW secretary) and Marcus Strom (secretary Summer Hill ALP and Labor Tribune editor) discuss the relevance of Marxism in the wake of the federal government's industrial relations legislation.

"I found the launch to be something to be genuinely excited about and I certainly look forward to seeing progressive and concrete ideas coming out of the website that can be taken up in the ALP and the labour movement."
Andrew Fattal
Sydney University Labor Club

"Too few people are prepared to examine what has been said and discussed by leading thinkers. Marx remains a powerful force and Marxism resonates more today in the madness of a globalised society. Marx and Engels provided us with powerful philosophies. Labor Tribune is to be congratulated for hosting the event."
Philip Marchionni
Senior industrial officer
Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers (Apesma)

"In the stimulating speeches from Burgmann, West, Mundey and Strom and the animated discussion following ... there did seem to be a general support for the initiative of Labor Tribune establishing a new and open space for socialist discussion."
Geordie McBain
NTEU member, Sydney University
Inner West committee, Your Rights at Work

"The launch of your website was very successful. Congratulations - even Bob Gould was impressed! I did note the group's disdain for the Prices and Incomes Accord and wondered to myself what could be more Marxist than the pursuit of a social wage. Interestingly, the left was the main proponent of the Accord and I well remember Laurie Carmichael - not exactly a right-wing fascist - extolling its virtues. I sometimes despair at the left's simplistic views about struggle and conflict. A stranger at the meeting could have been forgiven for thinking that the overall view was that the only good boss is a dead boss. I will be interested to see the quality of debate that the site encourages."
Michael Johnston
Summer Hill ALP

Introduction download (0.32 mb)
Meredith Burgmann download (1.50 mb)
Andrew West download (1.28 mb)
Jack Mundey download (1.36 mb)
Marcus Strom download (1.77 mb)

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